Wednesday to Sunday each week

Menu starts late afternoon

Ever changing bar menu & special wine

Walk ins are welcome


Please email for bookings

Our maximum table size is six

We have 16 (mostly high) seats at a counter and a few lower seats


Smoked almonds 4.5

House olives 4.5


Tartine bread, some interesting olive oil and sea salt (2 slices) 4


Octopus skewer, Mamó garden potato, guindilla, olives (1 piece) 3.6


Salmorejo, croutons, jamon, grated egg yolk 6

Pickled mussels, nduja, peppers, grill bread 6.5

Small plates


Tuffoli, squid ragu (spiced), red pepper 14

Skeganore duck, parfait, baby gem, Asian salad, crispy ginger 12

Grilled iberico pluma, garlicy greens, px glaze 15.5

Linguine, winter truffle, pecorino (market price tbc)